Business / Executive / Leadership Coaching:

Coaching as an ongoing relationship; between coach and client; that builds and grows the client; so the client can obtain specific desired results. It is a process of assessing current status and desired results; setting detailed goals to obtain the desired results; creating concrete action steps towards the goals; collaborative problem solving of obstacles to the action steps; practicing new actions, objective feedback, and mutual evaluation of results.

Coaching can be utilized in any phase of your business or career development; start-up, growing, maintaining, expanding, transitioning, or exiting. Coaching can be task driven, or focused on personal development. The coaching client can be an individual, a team within your organization, or your entire staff. Coaching can be accomplished in-person and/or by electronic modalities. In-person is face to face meetings at either your office or our office. Electronic is a combination of video conferencing, email, and telephone communications.

Coaching typically involves some form of initial assessment to determine a beginning. This can be accomplished by verbal interviews, paper assessments, or electronic based assessments. It can involve just the client; or co-workers, supervisors, family, or friends. It is designed specifically to meet your needs.

We help businesses and individuals locally and around the globe to improve individual and team productivity.  We help businesses start, expand, and sell.  We help individuals transition, develop, and exit.  We tailor coaching to your unique needs and desires.

We help individuals in any leadership capacity develop personal leadership abilities to maximize influence. 

We help family owned businesses navigate the complex dynamics of multiple role relationships inherent when combining the personal family and the professional business.  We help with succession and exit planning so the family can maintain a successful legacy. 

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Bill offers coaching via in-person and electronic modalities. In-person is face to face meetings at either the coachee’s office or Bill’s office. Electronic is a combination of video conferencing, email, and telephone communications.

“Workplace coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, result-oriented and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance and the self-directed learning and personal growth of individuals.”

Greene, J., & Grant, A.M. (2003).
Solution-focused coaching: Managing people in a complex world.
Edinburgh Gate, UK: Pearson Education.

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The Meaning of the Symbols


Synago means “lead together”. Bill chose this name because it depicts the heart of the coaching relationship: the coach and coachee coming together to lead others.

The Seven-Point Star

The star represents many different aspects of the coaching relationship.

For centuries stars have been used as guides for navigation. The coach is a guide as the coachee navigates the growing process.

Within numerology “seven” is known as the number for perfection. The goal of coaching is to perfectly obtain the coachee’s desired results.

The seven triangles are individually pointing in different directions and linked ‘together’ in the center, creating a unified whole. The coach, coachee, and business associates are all unique individuals linked together for a common, unified purpose.

The seven triangles each represent an attribute of coaching the coach offers to the coachee: contributing; encouraging; leadership; mercy; service; teaching; and vision.