Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman’s research has explored “the actual competencies that make people successful in jobs and organizations of every kind, and the findings are astonishing: IQ takes second position to emotional intelligence in determining outstanding job performance.” (Working with Emotional Intelligence, p5, Daniel Goleman, Bantam Books, 2000)

Goleman also discovered that “IQ has the least power in predicting success among that pool of people smart enough to handle the most cognitively demanding fields.” (Working with Emotional Intelligence, p19, Daniel Goleman, Bantam Books, 2000)

We utilize the Multi-Health Systems, Emotional Quotient Inventory (BarOn EQ-i®) which assesses an individual’s strengths in the areas collectively known as emotional intelligence:

Assertiveness, Happiness, Empathy, Impulse Control, Independence, Interpersonal Relationship, Optimism, Self-Actualization, Social Responsibility, Stress Tolerance, and Reality Testing.

Based on the scores in these areas, the BarOn EQ-i® can identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in leadership orientation and leadership behavior style. After these have been identified, goals can be established to build upon the strengths and improve upon the weaknesses, resulting in improved job performance.

More information about the Emotional Quotient-Inventory (EQ-i®) is available at the Multi-Health Systems, Inc. web site.