Synago provides individual, marriage, family, and group counseling to adults and children of all ages. We offer, but do not impose, Christian counseling for those desiring it. Areas of expertise include AD/HD, addictions, abusive relationships, anger management, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, identity development, infertility, marriage, family struggles, and recovering from divorce. Synago offers the court approved parenting class for those divorcing. Synago also offers topical presentations for group meetings at your location.

Esther Group:

The ‘Esther Group’ is a nineteen week counseling group designed to develop healthy relationships; with yourself and others, personally and professionally, family and friends. Part one addresses how the dynamic of power and control operates in relationships. Part two addresses how to have a healthy sense of who you are as an individual. Part three addresses how to be in a healthy relationship with others. Successful application of the group content results in decreased conflict and increased cooperation and/or intimacy in all your relationships.

Joint Parenting Class:

We offer a court approved parenting class for people involved in divorce or custody hearings and court ordered to attend the class. A court order is not required to attend, and some attend by choice to improve their ability parent their children after a divorce. The class is four hours long, and is usually offered on a Saturday morning once each month. It is a combination of group discussion, printed handouts, and video presentation. The focus is helping parents to see divorce from the perspective of their children, and learn to better cooperate with each other so each can effective fulfill their responsibility as a parent.

Pre-marital Counseling:

We offer pre-marital counseling to help engaged couples prevent future marital problems. We utilize the Prepare / Enrich inventory. This is an on-line questionnaire to identify a couple’s strength and risk areas. It assesses relationship dynamics, individual personalities, and influence from families of origin. It also offers practical suggestions maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with your spouse.


Who we are

“a catalyst for growth; a crucible for transformation”

We provide energy and force to the process for your personal growth. We provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential place for you to transform your life. We help you create the life you desire. We allow you the freedom to determine your counseling goals. We allow you the responsibility of applying your growth to your everyday life. The counseling room is the starting place, outside our office is where real transformation occurs.

We are Christian men and women who chose the counseling and coaching professions as a way to help others. We see those we help from a holistic perspective; mind, body, and spirit; in relations with others at home, school, work, and with God. We value the importance of spirituality in the counseling process. We honor each person’s free will; by not imposing our personal beliefs, and honoring each individual’s right to determine how to live their life. We respect the wishes of those who desire for spirituality to NOT be a part of the counseling process.

We are professional counselors. We have obtained the necessary education and supervised experience required for our profession. We are certified by professional organizations and licensed by the government of the State of Illinois. We honor all state and federal laws governing our profession.


Meet our staff:

William L. Syrcle, M.S., LCPC

Bill has a distinct combination of ‘big picture’ vision and detailed practicality. He holds to the work ethic he developed growing up on a family farm.  He completed his education at Western Illinois University.  Post-graduate he has conducted independent studies in emotional intelligence, and business and organizational psychology. He obtained training as an executive coach from Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance, based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a board certified coach with the Center For Credentialing & Education with a specialty designation of Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach.

Master Degree in Clinical Psychology; 1999
      Western Illinois University

Bachelor Degree in Psychology; 1997
      Western Illinois University
      Summa Cum Laude
      Honors Scholar

Professional Christian Counselor

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

National Board Certified Counselor

Member of National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists

Vickie Beard, M.S., LCPC

Vickie works with adults, teens and young children. She utilizes play therapy when working with children. She is also highly skilled at working with individuals, couples and families. As a family therapist she is able to integrate her personal life experience, knowledge, and training to help families solve problems and overcome personal issues. Vickie is known for her genuine caring, acceptance and non-judgmental approach to counseling. She graduated with high honors from Western Illinois University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education. Her greatest joy is spending time with her two grown daughters and adorable grandchildren.

Master’s Degree in Counseling Education; 2011
Western Illinois University
Chi Sigma Lota International Honors Society

Professional Christian Counselor

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

National Board Certified Counselor